Connecting to Google Analytics from Power BI

There are about 130 services (at the time of writing this post) that you can connect to in Power BI to create powerful dashboards. Some of these services comes with a readymade dashboard as well. Google Analytics services also comes with a readymade dashboard which can be modified as per your need. To connect to […]

Line Charts in Power BI

One of the most used chart, the Line chart is characterized by a series of data points connected by a line. Each point in the line corresponds to a data value in the given category. This chart is mostly used to display data pattern or trend over a period of time. A combination of two […]

Bar Chart

Bar charts, sometimes called column chart or line chart is one of the most used charts. The bar with varying lengths represents the data values. The bars are used to compare data values across various categories. The bar chart can be used to show a single data value over multiple categories or even, multiple data […]

Transforming Reports to Visuals through Power BI

Reports have been the primary way of representing information. However, understanding the reports and making sense out of it can prove to be a daunting task. An organization is always producing tons of data all the time. These data are then turned into reports. These reports are primarily text based, consisting of few visuals at […]

Power BI for attaining Sustainable Development Goals

In cooperation with Microsoft Innovation Center-Nepal, the UNDP regional local governance team is piloting a diagnostic tool (Executive Snapshot) developed on Power BI will assist subnational governments (local States, Provinces, Municipalities and Districts) mainstream local SDGs in development plans and budgets. This innovative tool allows layering of different sets of statistical data (i.e.: poverty index […]

The Secret Of Good Reports, For Beginners

While creating a BI report, it is of the utmost importance that the underlying database is of a good quality. The underlying database defines the quality of the information that you are going to get from the report. After all, if the foundation of the building is not strong, how can we expect a strong […]

Importing Custom Visuals In Power BI

Power BI consists of a set of visuals which you can use. However, if you wish to make your reports more attractive or the provided visuals do not satisfy your needs, there is another option for this. The Power BI community offers customized visuals for the users. These visuals are created by the users, but […]

Changing Data Source In Power BI

Have you gone through the problem of creating a Power BI report with the data source in the local device? And, when you move the data source from one location to the other, are you unable to refresh the data, even when it resides in the same device?     This problem that you are […]

Export Data from a Power BI Report in CSV Format

Last month’s update in Power BI added another cool feature onto the dashboard. Power BI now has a special feature where you can extract the data from each report, for example, a bar chart or a pie chart. While extracting data, you will not get the data of the whole database but only the data […]

Maps in Power BI

Maps are a powerful way to visualize data. Today, we will learn the basics of creating a map report on Power BI. For the demo, I will use a table from a website and then use its data to create a map report. This can be considered the beauty of Power BI where no scripting […]