Maps in Power BI

Maps are a powerful way to visualize data. Today, we will learn the basics of creating a map report on Power BI. For the demo, I will use a table from a website and then use its data to create a map report. This can be considered the beauty of Power BI where no scripting […]

Calculated Column Vs Measures: Power BI

Power BI has the ability to use the given data set and then reuse it to create other calculated fields as required for the reports. In Power BI, there are two ways to create these extra fields. They are: Calculated Columns Measures Calculated Columns Calculated columns are special type of columns that can be added […]

How to create a Power BI report?

Power BI is a powerful tool which can be used for creative interactive and live reports. Reports can be generated from various data sources ranging from an excel spreadsheet to a large SQL database to a website. For this example, I will be using an excel sheet to create different kinds of report and then […]

Pie charts in Power BI

Pie Charts is one of the most used and simple to understand graphical form of a report. It gives a graphical view of different portion from the whole. Below are the steps to create a pie chart: First click or drag the pie chart onto your working sheet. It is now time to insert the […]

Why Participate in Microsoft Imagine Cup ?

Imagine Cup the is biggest and the most competitive software competition for students all over the world. Be it the range of competitions, the amount of participation or the prize money. Imagine Cup is big in every aspect. The sheer size of the competition intimidates a lot of students. This has also discouraged a lot […]

Windows Phone Week Nepal

 As a part of the global series of events “windowsphoneweek”, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal organized an event on its premises on 8 October 2013. The event was scheduled from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm but it ran up to 6:00pm. There were altogether 83 participants. The event was also streamed live at The event […]

Windows Phone 8 Development : Know your IDE

Having an overview of the IDE is necessary for the development in WP8. Knowing few basic if not all the features of the IDE will boost your development. WP8 SDK Express Edition or WP8 integrated with Visual Studio 2012 can both serve as your IDE. One thing that may sometimes be a hindrance is if […]

Using Power BI for Free

Power BI is Microsoft’s Data Analyzing and Visualizing tool. It is licensed under Office 365 subscription, which means anyone with an O365 account can use its basic feature. But for those who do not have a subscription, and want to learn this amazing tool and still work on it, there is still an option. Power […]